Human Resources Officer – Bidvest Panalpina Logistics (BPL)

BPL seeks to employ a Human Resource Officer who will provide a full spectrum of on site Human Resources support to the BPL Warehouse Division – Gauteng, which includes the coordination and involvement in HR Administration, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance Management, Talent Management and Employee Relations (including CCMA representation). Qualifications & Experience * Secondary Education: Matric (Grade 12)

  • Tertiary Education: Minimum B Degree or N Diploma in Industrial Psychology/Human Resource Management.
  • Minimum of 5 – 7 years HR related experience (Full life cycle of Human Resources) in a similar environment at a junior/mid managerial level and being able to demonstrate superior Human Capital specialist expertise and junior managerial ability.
  • A proven track record and experience in managing labour relations in similar environment.
  • Experience in SAGE People management system, VIP payroll and Human Capital systems would be advantageous. Key Responsibilities 1. Recruitment
  • Responsible for the overall recruitment and selection of employees.
  • Control the Pre-authorization process and ensure the accuracy thereof.
  • Advertise vacancies on the BPL Careers page/Neptune system.
  • Screen applicants for suitability.
  • Prepare shortlist of suitable candidates subsequent to communicating with Manager.
  • Ensure that the Company is in possession of the completed Application for Employment document prior to processing the successful applicant’s documentation.
  • Set up the interview with the shortlisted candidates subsequent to communicating with Manager.
  • Conduct interviews in conjunction with the relevant Manager.
  • Make recommendations to Manager regarding the most suitable candidate for the vacancy.
  • Perform the necessary credit and criminal checks for all potential new employees.
  • Compile Contracts of Employment and starter packs for new appointments.
  • Ensure that the company is in possession of the Change to Salary Advance form and that all relevant parties have signed the document.

2. Payroll Administration

  • Create new posts on the HR SAGE People system.
  • Capture all new employees on HR SAGE People system.
  • Ensure that employee information is captured on the HR SAGE People system.
  • Ensure that employee documentation is uploaded onto the HR SAGE People system.
  • Responsible for the professional maintenance of the HR SAGE People system.
  • Ensure that payroll deadlines and document submissions are adhered to on a monthly basis.

3. Human Resources Administration

  • Ensure that Confirmation of Employment letters are completed.
  • Open files for new employees and ensure that all required documentation is on the file.
  • Prepare contracts of employment for all employees.
  • Prepare promotion, increase, job title and grade change letters for employees and ensure that the necessary documentation surrounding this is completed and signed.
  • Assist with the completion of the Company’s Employment Equity requirements as and when required.
  • Provide HR Reports as and when requested or required to do so.
  • Check fixed term contracts of employment on a monthly basis and advise HR and Facility Manager of findings.
  • Attend to the extension of Fixed Term Contracts as and when required.
  • Attend to general queries in a timeous manner.
  • Attend content of exit interviews prior to filing. Bring problem areas to attention of the HR Manager.
  • Play an active role in the Employment Equity and training Committee.
  • Facilitate the transfer of staff by ensuring that the transfer letters are done and quotes are evaluated.
  • Administration of staff and study loans.

4. Retirement

  • Ensure that all documentation is filed timeously.
  • Ensure that all documentation pertaining to any termination is completed with immediate effect upon termination and sent to payroll.
  • Ensure that a separate file is maintained for terminated employees and withdrawals from the Bidcorp Fund.
  • Maintaining knowledge with regards to the Bidcorp fund and bring any and all changes to the attention of the HR Manager.
  • Ensure that HR Manager is kept abreast of all new applications and the progress therein. Send monthly reports to Manager for perusal.
  • Completion of UI-19 documents for all terminated employees.

5. Medical Aid

  • Ensure that all relevant employees are registered with the Medical Aid.
  • Ensure that Medical Aid documents is sent to relevant employees upon appointment.
  • Ensure that Payroll Department are aware of any new members of Medical Aid.
  • Bring any problem areas to the attention of Manager.

6. Industrial Relations

  • Provide an advisory service to staff & Management in matters pertaining to Industrial Relations, with specific reference to disciplinary hearings.
  • Brings to Management’s attention any areas of concern/conflict within facilities.
  • Attends disciplinary hearings, appeal hearings and grievances.
  • Provides guidance, direction & support during disciplinary hearings, appeal hearings & grievances.
  • Ensures that both Management and staff adheres to the IR Policy.
  • Assist and advise on charges for disciplinary enquiries.
  • Maintain knowledge base with regards to changes in legislation, new developments & case law.
  • Represent and act on behalf of the company at the Council for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration or Bargaining Council on matters which require mediation or arbitration.

7. General

  • Communicate effectively with Management and staff, both verbally and in writing.
  • Maintain high level of professionalism within Departments.
  • Compare HR policies and procedures as and when required.
  • Maintain an excellent understanding of all HR policies and procedures.
  • Maintain role profiles effectively on Excellerator together with Management involvement.

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